août 22nd, 2008

What’s busby seo challenge?

Posted by Seb in News

It is a contest in witch many seo experts try to rank their pages for the keyword: busby SEO challenge. The contest busby SEO challenge is organized by Busby Web Solutions, Australia.

I down know anything about busby but i really enjoy the challenge so here is my page for the busby seo challenge taking place from june 1st to august 31st 2008.
feel free to link to this page !

Here at exeko, we’re in the business of SEO (search engine optimisation). We’ve over a decade of busby seo contest experience. seo is what we do, and this time we do it for the challenge.
Our understanding of the business and our ethical has made us a privileged partner of popular search engines, directories and databases including Google, Yahoo and MSN.

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